Your Jeep. Your Adventure’s Toledo Trek 2018 – An Epic On-Road Undertaking


A few months back, I came to realize that my own personal quest for adventure in my Jeep always seemed to lead me to some remote wilderness far from normal civilization. Certainly that’s not the only defined limits to where adventure can be found.

While my aging 1993 Wrangler YJ has been a trusty companion to me in the eleven years I’ve owned it, serving as a reliable daily driver in all kinds of weather; I’ve never wandered more than a few hours from home simply because…well…in the end, it’s an old Jeep.  Sure, she’s hauled kids to soccer games and band practice on top of spending many a weekend carving mountain trails in the backwoods of Georgia & Tennessee, but I’ve always steered clear of highways in my ramblings and never wandered too far from home. Choosing rather to keep to the scenic winding roads better suited to Jeep enjoyment. Slower speeds and fresher air clearly-favored over concrete and congestion.

So I’ve spent the past month or so getting my 25-year old YJ in proper fitness to tackle a road trip of epic proportions. A road trip comprised of highways, interstates and speeds typical of normal daily hustle & bustle. But just how epic a trip it will be remains to be seen. I can tell you that 11 hours one way and 1,400 miles round trip ranks as pretty monumental for a 25-year old Jeep with close to 200K on the clicker. My past month has been intent on making sure it’s not a fatal venture

The voyage will start on Wednesday, August 8th and we’ll post some pictures and details along the way so you can follow along as we travel to the birthplace of the storied Jeep Wrangler. We’ll see the Jeep factory in Toledo and attend the Toledo Jeep Fest 2018. We hope you’ll join us and follow our travels at and on our Facebook page. Wish us well and say a prayer to the Jeep gods on our behalf. We’ll see you out there!  OlllllllO