Chris Rains – 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK @Tektite_JK

Most everybody has heard the phrase “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. Today’s Rugged Rigs inductee has that same mentality when it comes to adventure.

Chris bought his 2010 Wrangle JK two-door 2-½ years ago in “lightly used” condition with a mere 52k miles on the display. Knowing his new addition had already been properly broken-in, Chris wasted no time increasing his elevation by driving his newfound JK directly to the top of Pikes Peak that very same day! His love for his Jeep and the possibilities it put within his grasp was evident right away and the pair have never looked back.

While page upon page could be written about the places he’s seen and gone in his JK, Chris prefers to let the pictures do the talking. It’s impossible to view these pictures and not want to follow Chris’ lead. Turn in all your unused vacation time, load up the Jeep and hit the road. If Your Jeep. Your Adventure was a confusing concept to comprehend, this guys photos make it perfectly clear.

You can check out Chris’ build and more of his eye-pleasing adventures on his Instagram @Tektite_jk     OlllllllO

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