Craig’s Jeep. Craig’s Adventure

When Craig Anderson, owner of Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals, isn’t helping his customers conquer Colorado’s highest peaks, he likes to get out there, change his perspective, and hang with his faithful friends – his dog Diesel and his Jeep Wrangler he calls “Monster Minion.” From bumpers to body armor, Rugged Ridge helps his Jeeps slide off rocks, winch trees off trails, and climb just about anything you put in front of them — letting Craig and his customers get the most out of their Jeep adventures. Rugged Ridge. Your Jeep. Your Adventure.


Meet Craig Anderson, owner and proprietor of Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals and a man that has forged a life out of helping people find an adventure in some really far-out places. Sure…It’s his job but it is really more of a passion. It could be said that Craig loves his job.

Craig’s normal day at “the office” can present some considerable challenges. Not jammed photocopy machines, the smell of burnt microwave popcorn or conflicting conference calls, but challenges that can test the limits of his machinery…

and there is always another opportunity for challenges around the next corner too. That’s why Craig equips his JK for just about everything.

If you’re gonna ride the roads less-traveled, as Craig has, there’s gonna be times when that road just sort of disappears; but that’s isn’t really the end. That’s a time when Craig likes to take a deep breath, take in the breathtaking views and then find the next path to follow. The best jobs always provide plenty of opportunities for advancement.

When it comes to truly-fulfilling employment experiences, it’s important to maintain a clean workspace- a fact that Craig takes very seriously.

Like anyone else and their job, Craig really looks forward to Hump Day. It could be on a Wednesday but that tends to get boring, so Craig has hump days scattered throughout the week. Heck, after a storm Craig might have five Hump Days in a row!

When a man invests his life into working his way to the top, it seems fitting that he be given an office with a really nice view. Well, Craig’s office is of the mobile variety but, rest assured, it comes with plenty of spectacular views.

Building a business like Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals has been no small feat; but with a foundation of hard work and an attention to minding the details, Craig has managed to corner the market when it comes to dealing in adventure. We only wish that we swap places with him for a week or two. It’s a change that could do us all some good.

At the end of the day, Craig and Diesel know that the only thing that stands between them and their next great adventure is….well…nothing. They encourage you to get out there and do the same. And if you don’t have a Monster Minion of your own to get you where you want to go, look them up when you get to Colorado. Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals has surely got a few rigs that you can try on for size. OlllllllO