Paula Lea – The JeepnGypsy’s Rubicon LJ

For years I’ve heard the saying “home is where the heart is”. For the majority of us, that’s a collection of walls supporting a roof. A complex sort of box that serves as a shelter for all the things that we hold dear. We seem to pride ourselves on the number of square feet our home occupies, and we spend far too much precious time hidden away in our spacious abode, deeply engaged with all the things we’ve compiled. It is essentially the focal point of much of our lives, as unfocused as it may be.

All Photo Credits: Paula Lea

So, what if we forego the mundane, shun the day-to-day and find our “true home”. Certainly our heart could be much happier and find a deeper sense of fulfillment, if not surrounded by granite countertops and laminate floors.

Our newest Rugged Rigs honoree is living proof of the courage and determination that is required to let go of traditional trappings and set a course for…well…anywhere.

When Paula Lea acquired her Wrangler Unlimited LJ back in 2016, she had no idea the adventure she had signed up for. You see, Paula has a gypsy’s heart beating in her chest- an undeniable call to follow where the road may lead. And when that road ends, she’ll follow the trail that takes its place. She’s not opposed to making her own path when the need arises.

Paula’s LJ has undergone a long and gradual development from a clean, stock Rubicon to a well-equipped, highly-modified Overlanding beast that goes from highway speed to boulder crawling with ease, and a quick drop of her Trail Campers pull-behind.

And Paula’s adventure is not all about the “go”; she has the photography skills to deliver some serious “show” too. Her eye for color and scenery speaks to the viewer, putting us in a place where we feel like we are along for the ride. You can smell the fresh mountain air, you can sense the bone-chilling cold. The fact that she chooses to share these experiences with us through her photos and blogs is a gift without compare.

Every adventure of this magnitude needs a companion to share it with, and Paula’s 2-year Jeep journey is no different. And, of course, nobody likes Jeeps quite as much as a certain four-legged explorer. Meet Indy, a very special canine that is living what many dogs would probably consider the perfect life. A never ending Jeep ride with his closest friend, accented by home-cooked food by the campfire and unlimited cuddling at night. Although sometimes it gets pretty doggone cold. Paula & Indy always seem to make the best of things…together.

In a world so full of majestic scenery and breath-taking views, Paula has made it painfully easy to follow along with her and Indy on their life’s adventure. She is active on social media and would love for you to follow along. She has some unbelievable sights to show you.

Whether she’s pulling a state trooper out of a snow drift or taking in the view across a crystal blue lake at sunset, you get to be right there with her. On Facebook at JeepnGypsy Adventures and Paula Lea – JeepnGypsy, and on Instagram @Jeepngypsy. Heck, she’s even got a YouTube channel full of cool Jeep stuff and great people she meets along the way at: ::

And if you see Paula and her Rubicon (and Indy) out on the roads across America, make sure you give her a wave, offer to fill her thermos with coffee or maybe even fill her gas tank. After all, she is doing this trek all on her own, funded by her dreams, entrepreneurial spirit and the goodness of others. Makes me a little jealous… OlllllllO