Nick Morris’ 1984 CJ-7

I can’t remember the very first time I heard the tagline “Life’s an Adventure”…I swear it must have been used in a TV commercial attempt to recruit 18 year olds into some branch of the armed forces. Or maybe it was a marketing ploy to sell me anti-antiperspirant. I can’t really be certain.

Actually, the phrase is largely credited to Helen Keller- a deaf and blind woman born in the late 1800’s who, through hard work and perseverance, became an accomplished author and political activist despite her affliction.

Regardless of who first said it, today’s Rugged Rig honoree is Nick Morris and his ’84 CJ7 that seems to hit all the marks. Nick is living his adventure everyday.

You see, this old CJ is Nick’s very first car. It’s the one he learned how to drive in high school. It’s the one he and his high school sweetheart would drive on dates and the one they rode off in on their wedding day. It’s not just his means of transportation…it’s how he chooses to explore life’s adventure.

Nick & his beautiful wife have big plans for his CJ-7.. They plan to build the Jeep up and equip it for some overlanding, so they can follow wherever the trail leads and have a comfortable place to sleep when the sun fades. He has already fitted his rig with an on-board air system with a total of 15 gallons of storage- perfect for airing up tires and filling an airbed for the misses. He’s even got a powerful 1500 watt inverter so he doesn’t miss the game while out on the trail.

Nick states that the CJ also sports custom fabricated front and rear bumpers, a trusty 4.0-liter engine out of a donor YJ, backed by a proper AX15 gearbox. All the ponies are routed to a Dana 30 front diff hiding an Aussie locker, while the hardy Dana 44 hides out in the rear, complete with an LSD and 4.56 gears.

This orange beast also sports a set of Rugged Ridge TJ Hurricane fender flares, giving the Jeep a unique and impressive look. You’ll find a 9,500 lb. winch nested on the front bumper for those times when the mud gets to be more than those Cepek’s can eat.

While Nick and his CJ have shared some really good years together, I’m confident that their best years are still ahead. Life is really an adventure, regardless of who says it, and truly the best way to explore an adventure is in a Jeep.

So if the money ever gets a little tight or the kids need braces, make sure you make it a priority to keep this old CJ around. Park it out in the garage or behind the tool shed. Afterall, it’s what got you to where you are today. It would be a shame to leave it behind. OlllllllO

So do you want to have your rig featured like Nick’s? Just email us some pictures and as many details and specs as you would like to share. Better yet, tell us a story about an adventure that you have enjoyed with your Jeep. You might just see your pride and joy here for all to see. At the very least, we’ll send you one of our mega-cool Your Jeep. Your Adventure decals just for playing along…