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What is Rugged Rigs?

Have you ever parked your Jeep® in a parking lot and, as you walk away, you turn around to catch a glimpse of how cool it looks? Well…Rugged Rigs is a massive online parking lot where your fellow Jeep® enthusiasts can enjoy your ride too! But this is way more than just a picture-on-a-wall post. Submit your Jeep® to Rugged Rigs by emailing us at ruggedrigs@omix-ada.com and be sure to include some good pictures, details, specs or even a cool story about your pride and joy. Everyone that submits their Jeep® AND includes their address will receive a special Your Jeep. Your Adventure window decal (while supplies last) and if your Jeep® is selected as a Rugged Rigs winner, your Jeep® will be featured on here for all to see! We’ll link your feature on our social media sites too so your Jeep® will receive maximum exposure and your life will likely never be the same…