Kevin Campbell’s ’82 CJ-8 Scrambler

When Jeep decided to put a little truck bed on the back of a CJ back in 1981, the result was a CJ-8 Scrambler. A mere 2 feet longer than a standard CJ-7 but, oh my, how much cool factor those 24 little inches can add. Case in point is Kevin Campbell and his seriously cool 1982 CJ-8 Scrambler.

Kevin and his trusty Scrambler hail from Southern California, Escondido to be exact. With all of the vast stretches of mountains within a few hour’s drive, this location is an off-roaders dream for Kevin. If it’s made of rock, he is happy to try and climb over it. It’s what his Scrambler is set up to do!

For power Kevin leans hard on an AMC 401 cubic-inch big block engine mated to an ever-faithful 727 tranny which churns a Dana 300 transfer case. All that power is gonna be hell-bent on snapping some shafts if you don’t prepare for it properly, so there’s no Dana 30’s hiding here folks. Massive Dana 60 differentials, front and rear, are stuffed with Detroit Lockers for traction. Kevin chose a 5.13 gear ratio to make sure he can turn those massive 39.5-inch IROKS and  also all but guarantee you can hear him coming. With a rig this bad, there’s no reason to be subtle.

Kevin says the best part of his Jeep adventure is spending tons of time with his family and friends out on the trail and the fact that enjoying this hobby has helped him create a whole new batch of friends in the process. Friends who understand the value of getting outside and seeing where the road will lead you. Better yet, where the trail can take you if you only equip yourself to follow it. That is clearly what Kevin has done.

I think Kevin’s story is pretty incredible in that, despite being surrounded by three beautiful girls, he still gets to wheel around in a totally sick CJ-8; one that’s built to the hilt and not painted hot pink or wearing a set of those fake plastic eyelashes over the headlights. At least not in any of the photos he has shown us…

Keep up the great work, Kevin! If I ever make it out to San Diego County, I’m hoping you’ll lead me out to some of that beautiful under-appreciated scenery and share an adventure or two. We do love that Scrambler!  OlllllllO

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